Powering your transactions to a great future

EnergyBlock will improve the crypto world, achieving 

instant and secure transactions.


How to buy

First Step

You must go to PancakeSwap, for this, you must “Click” on the “Buy ENB” button.
Once you have “Clicked” it will take you to Pancakeswap, and the exchange of BNB for the EnergyBlock cryptocurrency (ENB) will already be set.

Second Step

Now you must link your Wallet with Panckeswap, you can link it with a Metamask wallet, Trust Wallet, or many other wallets.

Third Step

Select the amount of BNB you want to exchange for EnergyBlock (ENB).

Fourth Step

You must modify the “Slippage Tolerance” putting more than 10%. For example: 12%.
In case you get an error when exchanging, try increasing the “Slippage Tolerance” more (for example: 15%, 20%, 25%…)

Fifth Step

Once this, you can buy the EnergyBlock (ENB) cryptocurrency.

If you have any errors when purchasing EnergyBlock, you can contact us through our social networks or gmail, where we will help you resolve any errors.

Our Team

About Us​

At EnergyBlock we have a great team involved in the project, which invests a large number of hours, day after day, scaling and improving EnergyBlock.

At EnergyBlock we want to revolutionize transaction methods, creating our own blockchain, so that transactions with EnergyBlock are:


Token supply:


Holding has benefits

With EnergyBlock holders are rewarded for having and trusting us.

100% of the EnergyBlock tokens have been released to the market and placed in liquidity.

With each purchase/sale of the EnergyBlock token, 10% is distributed in different functions, which are:

All this is designed so that EnergyBlock always increases in value very quickly thanks to burning, and investments in the development of the blockchain and advertising ed EnergyBlock.

Just by having EnergyBlock in your wallet, you will be getting more and more of your benefit from this system.



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